Buzz Bessette - Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals for The Crowd Band

Buzz Bessette
Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals


A Native from El Paso, Texas, Buzz Bessette started his professional music career in 1971. Fresh out of High School he performed with the east coast rockers Helicopter. During The 70's he performed with such acts as George and the Diminished 5th, Dawn of Atlantis show band and the 50's rockers The Stingrays.

In the late 70's Buzz decided to diverisfy his musical style and performed with East Coast Express Jazz Band in the legendary Orion's Roof club in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In 1980 he met Ramses Lewis who advised him to study classical to continue to improve in technique and style. Early in 1981 began studying classical piano under the guidance of Ila Bovee. That same year Buzz got his first house gig with show and dance band Nite Life Review in Virginia Beach's Tom's Tiki Tai club where he performed as music director and keyboardist and also performed jazz as a solo act before the shows.

In 1984 Buzz got invited to come to the Outer Banks to perform as a solo act at the Sea Ranch in Kill Devil Hills where he was a lounge lizard in captivity for over 16 years. Call Guiness, he performed over 4500 shows at that venue!